Hello friends! The committee would like to give our community and all those pillars out there (we can’t wait for new ones to become part of this growing community) an update as to what things look like right now! And boy howdy are we EXCITED!!!! WE ARE BACK! And we can’t wait for the SUMMER FLIGHTS! There have been some changes that have taken place in the last, OH MY WORD, TWO YEARS?!? What the heck?@!&? REALLY, WOW…how exhausting…

We have welcomed some brand new BUTTERFLIES to represent our North Georgia Chrysalis Community to the COMMITEE BOARD (and remember, if you have interest in being considered for the board, we have chairs that work as committees – it’s a great way of leadership progression). Take a look and see if you recognize any of the wonderful peeps that have said “yes” to a three year committment. We are so joy-filled to have them all with us. Not to mention, a warm and wonderful welcome to our fearless Community Lay Director – Bill Creech – and Assistant Lay Director – Mary Darby!

Please come and check the site out…I personally promise more updates, more information, and more ways to plug in. These will all be coming up on the website in the very near future (very near).

We’ll also have note coming from our new Community Lay Director, Bill Creech, soon. With all of this, my note is to say I HAVE MISSED ALL MY CHRYSALIS COMMUNITY and I LOVE Y’ALL SO VERY MUCH! I can’t wait to serve again and meet on HOLY GROUND at King’s Retreat! Hope and Prayers to see y’all soon!

DeColores and Fly with Christ Always,

Kim Adams, Community Secretary

**PSST (Don’t tell anyone on the Board, but I am going to push for each of them to take a month to write a letter to our beautiful community, that seems only fair, right?!)