COVID-19 Update

So…how’re things? As we begin to peek out from under the “shelter in place” blanket, we find a world that feels very different than it was a few weeks ago. We are all looking forward to a return to normal – whatever “normal” will look like.
The Chrysalis board made the very difficult decision to postpone the flights scheduled for July 2021. While we could have figured out a way to prepare with minimal face to face meetings, our principal concern was how the weekend experience would be very different for the Caterpillars. We are all very disappointed, but in the end we felt this was the prudent path to follow.
We are glad that the Lay Directors from the July flights are available and willing to serve on the flights in late December (girl’s flight) and mid-January (boy’s flight). We will soon begin the process of contacting the team members who committed to serve for the summer to see if they are willing and able to serve this winter instead. If you are interested in serving on the team, please reach out to the Lay Director listed below.
In the meantime, stay inside, stay safe, stay healthy, and continue to pray.
De Colores and Fly With Christ!
Terry Cooper
Chrysalis Community Lay Director

Upcoming Flights

It’s time to prayerfully sponsor youth for the upcoming Chrysalis Flights. As a reminder, this is for students in 10th – 12th grade and young adults ages 18-24. The individual should be active in church and ready for a faith building experience.

Do you know of anyone that fits this description? If so, please consider sponsoring and giving him/her the blessing of Chrysalis. Visit the Application Page for details and a downloadable application.

Chrysalis #103/YAC #80 (Girls)

December 28-31, 2021
Lay Director: Janet Huffman

Chrysalis #104/YAC #81 (Guys)

January 14-17, 2022
Lay Director: Tim Sanders

You can stay up to date on Chrysalis and what is happening! Just text Chrysalis to 313131. We will keep you informed of all the fun stuff coming down the line!!

The North Georgia Chrysalis Board